Amber + Zach: Garden Party and Carnival

I had a great time photographing Zach and Amber's wedding a few weeks ago. They had a garden party, and then the wedding party, my assistant and I all took taxi's down to the state fair! Take a look!


Lee & Sarah

Lee and Sarah's wedding was at a beautiful time in Denver, Colorado. Trees were changing, and the weather was crisp and cool. The church they chose was downtown Denver, and the reception was at a beautiful golf course. The wedding planner at the reception let us have two golf carts so we could drive around and take pictures wherever we wanted on the greens. The couple got their own private cart while my assistant and I drove around in ours, with all the equipment on the back of the cart. I should seriously consider getting a golf cart for more wedding shoots ;) Anyway, it was a fun time, and I hope you enjoy these images:

Luke + Kristen

I wanted to share a few of Luke and Kristen's wedding images, the wedding took place in the backyard of a 2 story house, with the recepetion at a church that was only a block away! It was fun to walk from the ceremony to the reception with the bride and groom so we could take some photos in the nook and crannies of downtown Joplin. 

Michael & Billijo

Michael & Billijo's wedding was simple and was the perfect setting for this couple. Take a look at this fun and picture perfect setting for the Sneed's special day. 

Kurt + Rosey Gallup, NM

Shooting Kurt and Rosey's wedding was such an experience. The Armstrong wedding was technically a themed wedding, the groomsmen were all dressed as famous cowboys, the groom himself, of course is Clint Eastwood in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" while the grooms brother, and best-man, was dressed as a villain similar to Snidely Whiplash (thus the bride being tied to the railroad tracks at one point, with the groom running to her rescue). Also, I was able to do a photo shoot the day before the wedding as well as photographing on the day of. Included in this post are also the fun engagement photos we took in Vegas at the Neon Sign Boneyard. The shoot was very short, at 4:30pm on the shortest day of the year. It was a bit stressful, to say the least, but I am very happy with the images that came out of the time. Anyway, enjoy!

P.S. I included an adorable picture of the grooms parents near the end, you'll know it when you seen it.